grep has a bug on Sonoma (an assertion failure: advance > 0)

Number:rdar://FB13229196 Date Originated:10/03/2023
Status:Open Resolved:
Product: Product Version:
Classification: Reproducible:
grep is broken on Sonoma:

    printf '%s' '3.2.57(1)-release' | grep -o '[0-9.]*'
    Assertion failed: (advance > 0), function procline, file util.c, line 732.
    zsh: done       printf '%s' '3.2.57(1)-release' | 
    zsh: abort      grep -o '[0-9.]*'

This bug breaks our automation scripts for bringing up new dev machines,
and I imagine that this will cause other critical (but difficult to pinpoint)
problems for others as well.

For minimal reproducers, see:

    # fails
    printf '%s' 'a' | grep -o 'b*'
    # works
    printf '%s' 'a' | grep -o 'b'
    # also works (note: without -o flag)
    printf '%s' 'a' | grep 'b*'

This is the source for the assertion:

For your convenience, the surrounding code:

				 * rdar://problem/86536080 - if our first match
				 * was 0-length, we wouldn't progress past that
				 * point.  Incrementing nst here ensures that if
				 * no other pattern matches, we'll restart the
				 * search at one past the 0-length match and
				 * either make progress or end the search.
				if (pmatch.rm_so == pmatch.rm_eo) {
					if (MB_CUR_MAX > 1) {
						wchar_t wc;
						int advance;

						advance = mbtowc(&wc,

						assert(advance > 0);
						nst += advance;
					} else {

My guess would be that attempting to fix rdar://problem/86536080 resulted in a new bug.


A proof of concept fix

I have a proof of concept fix for the bug (and the analysis thereof) here:

More discussion here:

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