Collection view cell gets unhighlighted automatically after roughly 0.5 sec when using UICollectionViewController

Number:rdar://FB7633299 Date Originated:20. 3. 2020
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:iOS / UIKit Product Version:13
Classification:Incorrect/Unexpected Behavior Reproducible:Yes
The problem is that UICollectionViewCell gets automatically unhighlighted after roughly 0.5 sec even. 
This happens only if:
- iOS 13
- using `isHighlighted` property of UICollectionViewCell or  functions `collectionView(_, didHighlightItemAt:), collectionView(_, didUnhighlightItemAt:)` of the UICollectionViewDelegate 
- the collection view is implemented using UICollectionViewController 
- UICollectionViewDiffableDataSource is used

When `UIViewController` is used instead of `UICollectionViewController`, everything works properly.
When `reloadData()` is used instead of `UICollectionViewDiffableDataSource.apply()`, everything works properly.


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