Current Volume stuck at the first value on startup

Number:rdar://FB7641337 Date Originated:March 26, 2020
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:Shortcuts Product Version:Shortcuts App
Classification:Unintended Behavior Reproducible:Always
The Get Device Details action set to Current Volume will always output the volume from first start of the Shortcuts app.

How to Repro:
1. Download my demo shortcut, then force close Shortcuts with the app switcher.
2. Set the volume of your device to something you can remember, preferrably mute or full.
3. Open Shortcuts and run the demo shortcut. It will loop 5 times, outputting the current volume. On first run, you should see the current volume you set.
4. Before hitting OK to dismiss the output, change the volume.

The number should change according to the new volume, but it doesn't. If you stop the shortcut and try running it again, the current volume doesn't change either. It will only change when you force quit and restart the app, since Current Volume is currently only outputting the volume gained on start of the app.


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