AUv3 Auido Units can crash / freeze host

Number:rdar://FB7741306 Date Originated:18 June 2020
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:CoreAudio / macOS Product Version:10.15
Classification:crash Reproducible:always
Since AUv3 Audio Units run in a separate process, one would think that crashes of the AudioUnit can be handled gracefully by the host. This appears not to be the case due to a bug in CoreAudio which causes the renderBlock to never return if the Audio Unit crashes. You can reproduce this with the  CreatingCustomAudioEffects (AUv3Filter) and IncorporatingAudioEffectsAndInstruments (AUv3Host) sample codes: 
- Build and install the sample Audio Unit.
- Launch the sample host and select AUv3FilterDemo in the list of effects
- Click "Play" in the host
- Open "Activity Monitor" and use it to force-quit the process called "AUv3FilterExtension (AUv3Host)" to simulate a crash of the plug-in.
As soon as one then tries to change Audio Unit, this freezes the host. The reason is that [AVAudioEngine disconnectNodeInput:] gets deadlocked as it waits for the renderBlock to return, which never happens. 

What I don't understand is that the notification kAudioComponentInstanceInvalidationNotification is precisely designed to give the host the opportunity to handle a crash gracefully. The fact that renderBlock blocks indefinitely and causes deadlocks for any subsequent call to the AudioUnit makes this impossible since one is forced to choose between a memory leak and a deadlock.


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