Do NOT auto-correct capitalised names SOLELY based on how you think they should be spelled.
Number:rdar://FB7820497 Date Originated:29/06/2020
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:Text Input / Autocorrection Product Version:
Classification:Incorrect/Unexpected Behavior Reproducible:Always
When I type a name like ‘Tomy’–i.e. a token that starts with a capitalised character, especially clear when not the first word in an English sentence–and you do not have any context to base your suggestion on, you should NOT under ANY circumstance auto-correct it. Names are very personal and do not all adhere to the western names you appear to have trained your software with.

Also do NOT show a red underline after I have actively fought the auto-correction.

Now, if this is in context of, say, an email thread where the sender you’re replying to clearly has their name spelled a certain way and/or you can infer it from e.g. the email-address, by all means please do auto-correct; because possibly worse than your auto-correct is humans incorrectly addressing a person with a non-western name when their name is in CLEAR sight.


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