WebGL canvas not rendering

Number:rdar://FB7910702 Date Originated:11 Jul 2020
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:iPadOS Product Version:14.0b2 18A5319i
Classification: Reproducible:
Figma Canvas renders as a black screen (see attachment Screenshot_01.png). I can see the proper canvas displayed in the "Canvas" tab of the Web Inspector on my Mac (see attachment Screenshot_02.png), but the iOS Safari renders it as a black box.

This issue didn't exist in Developer Beta 1 (build 18A5301v) and was introduced in DB2 (18A5319i)

ER: Canvas renders and the text "Hello, Apple Engineering Team!" is visible
AR: See attachment Screenshot_01.png
STR: Open https://www.figma.com/file/d6Zcs3gq6VjzGTtTwIQiAR/Apple-Feedback-Test-File?node-id=0%3A1


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