SwiftUI UIHostingController - unable to disable safe area

Number:rdar://FB8176223 Date Originated:27/7/20
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Product:SwiftUI Framework Product Version:13.6
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When embedding a SwiftUI view into UIKit, there is no way to disable SafeArea behaviour. 

This is important within UITableView/UICollectionView... sometimes when a SwiftUI UIHostingController is added to the hierarchy, it happens to be at the boundary of a safeArea in screen bounds and so applies dodging/expanding behaviour depending on the `edgesIgnoringSafeArea` modifier, even though within a scrollView this doesn't make sense.

There is a `disableSafeArea` bool on UIHostingView, however this is private. The .edgesIgnoringSafeArea modifier does not achieve this purpose as it will extend the frame if enabled / dodge the safe area if set to `[]`

Is there a way to achieve this?



Had the same problem when using the UIHostingController as a subview for an MKAnnotationView.

This article describes the workaround in the "Fixing cell frames" paragraph:


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