Please add a `-l` flag to `cp`

Number:rdar://FB8957277 Date Originated:2020 Dec 30
Status: Resolved:
Product:macOS Product Version:
Classification:feature request Reproducible:
On Linux and FreeBSD, `cp` has a `-l` flag that makes it create hardlinks instead of copies of files.

This is useful for example for a custom build system that links a binary in one place and then wants to copy it into a framework directory structure. The linked binary might be large, so doing a physical copy is slow. macOS `cp` has a `-c` flag that makes a copy-on-write clone. This makes the copy fast, but on the next build the linker will overwrite the original file, which then causes all the data to be copy-on-write at that point -- only to have all that data be overwritten when the link output is copied into the framework later in the build. With `cp -l`, things would Just Work.

See also for some background around this feature request.


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