`pax -rw -p m` sets mtimes with only seconds granularity

Number:rdar://FB8960643 Date Originated:2021 Jan 3
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% mkdir foo && touch foo/file
% (rm -rf bar && mkdir bar && cd foo && pax -rw -p m . ../bar)
% stat -f %Fm foo/file bar/file

bar/file should have an mtime that has subsecond resolution, like foo/file has.

This is important for mtime-based build systems. With the current behavior, builds that use pax to copy directories only work correctly if each build step takes at least a second. (Which is often the case --- but not always. When using `git bisect run` on a tiny project, this bug can cause problems.)

See https://github.com/nico/hack/blob/master/notes/copydir.md for some general background.


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