Disk Utility - In button bar set to display Icon and Text only the icon is clickable whereas in standard macOS apps both icon and label are clickzones in the button bar

Number:rdar://FB8996329 Date Originated:2021-02-08
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:Disk Utility Product Version:
Classification:ncorrect/Unexpected Behavior Reproducible:
- Open Disk Utility 20.1 (1715.2) on macOS 11.2
- Set the button bar to display "Icons and Text"
- Click the label of any button, i.e. "First Aid"

- Clicking either the icon or text label or possibly even anything within a rectangular zone around them triggers the action, as is the UX standard in macOS apps.

- Nothing happens.
- Only clicking the icon triggers the action behind the button.
- Did not have the time to test this in all first party macOS apps, but at least in Disk Utility I trapped into that usability pitfall.


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