Filename change in window title of any standard macOS app - ENTER key should submit input but instead discards it
Number:rdar://FB8996451 Date Originated:2021-02-08
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:macOS - Any standard built app Product Version:macOS 11.2.1
Classification:Bug Reproducible:Only on particular user account
- Open a file in any Mac app built with normal Window manager behaviors, i.e. TextEdit, Preview, QuickTime, and most 3rd party apps.
- In order to change the filename within the app context, in the window click the title or it's nearby triangle icon.
- The file attribute dialog (Name, Tags, Where, Locked) opens.
- Change the "Name" field.
- Submit the change with the ENTER key.

- The ENTER key submits the changed name.

- The ENTER key discards the title change.
-- This contradicts macOS human interface guidelines.
-- Usually ESCAPE cancels/discards and ENTER submits/saves.

- This minimal file attribute dialog, that all standard window manager built macOS apps have integrated in the title bar, already is in macOS since ca 2012.
- That annoying inconsistency exists maybe since its inception. But at least since macOS 10.15 Catalina and now under macOS 11 Bug Sur I also encountered it, 100% reproducible, but only on one particular user account. Not on freshly created users.
- Interestingly this misbehavior is only in the Name field.
- In the Tags field ENTER submits any tag additions/removals you have made.
- I'd appreciate if this get's finally fixed, or if you tell me the rationale behind should this indeed be a conscious design decision.

The main user, is as old as MacOS X 10.2 or 10.3 and carried over many upgrades and has a lot of customizations.
In another existing user and in a freshly created user I could not reproduce the bug!
There the ENTER key in the "Name" field submits as expected.

What could be the reason? How can I isolate this? Things I could think of:
In that my main user I have some apps which may manipulate keyboard input and hence require certain privileges via System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy:
- Accessibility
-- Butler (for clipboard management)
-- Divvy (window manager)
-- Snagit (screenshots with scrolling)
-- TeamViewer (not running as daemon, but I granted it privileges for on demand sessions requiring input sharing)
- Input Monitoring: All only run on demand
-- KeyCastr
-- Google Earth Pro
- Automation
-- Some of my own AppleScripts I granted access to SystemEvents. But again they only run on demand.

Any ideas?


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