Dictation should render linebreak commands already during dictation not only afterwards

Number:rdar://FB9006383 Date Originated:2021-02-16
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:Accessibility Product Version:macOS 11.2.1
Classification:Suggestion Reproducible:Yes
- Enable dictation
- Trigger dictation in any application with text input
- During dictation utter the special commands "new line" or "new paragraph"

- The line breaks are only visualized AFTER the current dictation session has ended.
- This is per design, as can be read in:
[…] After you say “new line,” the dictated text appears when you’re done dictating. […]

- The line breaks are rendered DURING dictation

- Everything else in dictation is "on the fly".
- Even if the machine learning corrects itself from one interpretation to another one you see that immediately. Single words, sometimes even whole sentence clauses get updated in front of your eyes.
- So the line breaks should also be rendered "on the fly".
- This would only be consistent with the user experience of everything else being "on the fly".


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