UIButton including a FG image will appear with truncated text, when Accessibility's "Bold Text" is enabled

Number:rdar://FB9018381 Date Originated:02.24.21
Status:Open Resolved:No
Product:iOS/iPadOS Product Version:
Classification:UIKit Reproducible:Yes
UIButton that includes both a FG image and a text doesn't seem to behave as expected, when "Bold Text" is turned ON under Settings -> Accessibility -> Display & Text Size.

Reproduction Steps:
- Create a UIButton and configure it to have both a FG image and text.
- Verify that when shown the text appears in full, when the "Bold Text" option is turned OFF.
- Kill the app
- Go to Settings -> Accessibility -> Display & Text Size, and turn the "Bold Text" option ON.
- Relaunch the app

Expected results:
The button should be shown such that the text appears in full

Actual results:
The button is shown with its text truncated. See attached sample project.


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