CTFramesetter fails to correctly lay out text containing tabs

Number:rdar://FB9036971 Date Originated:2021-03-09
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:Core Text Product Version:
Classification: Reproducible:
When attempting to use CTFramesetter to layout text containing tabs, things get... weird.

I've run into this bug a few different ways; I've included a swift playground showing one of them. I don't want to speculate too much, but the basic gist is that when a string contains tabs, the CTFrame object can end up with missing lines, and the lines can return unexpected results for CTLineGetStringRange.

In the provided example I would expect the line to be broken at the whitespace, and to see two visual lines, "a", and "bb"; I do see two CTLine objects but their ranges do not make sense.

I encountered this error on macOS 10.14 & 10.15, and can reproduce on the simulator as well.


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