Min-Width of Keyword Window in Apple Photos should be as lean as possible to facilitate maximum layout flexibility

Number:rdar://FB9043773 Date Originated:2021-03-15
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:Photos Product Version:6.0 in macOS 11 Big Sur
Classification:UI / UX improvement Reproducible:Always
Note: Numbers correspond to the filenames of the attached screenshots/mockups.

STATUS QUO: The "Keywords" window has its min-width defined to be 3 buttons wide.
- This is arbitrary, and makes no sense.
- Means more restrictions and hence layout disadvantages than necessary without providing any design benefit I cloud think of.
- When "Info" window with its smaller min-width on top, and "Keyword" window below:
1) GAP to main window when aligning main window with wider "Keywords" window
2) OVERLAP of main window when aligning main window with narrower "Info" window

PROPOSAL: "Keywords" window min-width gets changed to 1 button wide as the meaningful minimum.
- Then it's guaranteed that the minimum information and interaction unit of one button being guaranteed.
- And it gives the user optimal layout flexibility.
3) Possible to align "Info" and "Keywords" window next to min window
4) Possible to make a very narrow (1 button wide) "Keywords window next to the main window. Content is king. Keywords buttons very readable. Great layout.


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