AirDrop sharing failed for Raw (DNG) photos

Number:rdar://FB9045883 Date Originated:Mar 17, 2021
Status:Open Resolved:15 beta 1
Product:iOS Product Version:14
Classification:Bug Reproducible:Yes
Which area are you seeing an issue with?


What type of feedback are you reporting?

Incorrect/Unexpected Behavior


What does the AirDrop issue you are seeing involve?

I can see the device, but I can't send a file to it

What kind of devices were you attempting to share files with?

A Mac running macOS Catalina and up + AirDrop capable iOS devices

Were the devices connected to the same wireless network?



Please describe the issue and what steps we can take to reproduce it:
Since iOS 14 AirDrop failed with Raw (DNG) photos sharing if it doesn't contain specifically added thumbnail.

Here is sample project 

main branch is implementation according Apple documentation for saving Raw photos you could use it to reproduce the issue

1. Build app.
2. Capture photo.
3. Try to share (use main AirDrop sharing option, not shortcuts to known device above) - if share popup doesn't appear once Photos permission granted please relaunch the app - it should work then.
4. Get list of available/capable devices.
5. Tap some device.

Expected: DNG photo was transferred to selected device.

Actual: sharing failed, devices list closed.

variants/data-share - another branch with data not asset/file sharing (was made after Apple developer technical support) - it also not working

variants/thumbnail - version that fixed the issue.

We requested Apple Developer support and they confirmed it's iOS bug.


Status update for June 2021

All iOS versions below iOS 15 beta 1 (including iOS 14.7 beta) still have the issue. iOS 15 beta 1 have no issues with AirDropping DNGs.

By victor.kotov.arcadia at June 29, 2021, 2:03 p.m. (reply...)

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