WebAuthn in iOS 14.5: Passcode fallback doesn't work.

Number:rdar://FB9089701 Date Originated:2021-04-26
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Product:WebKit Product Version:
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WebAuthn in iOS 14.5: Passcode fallback doesn't work.

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Incorrect/Unexpected Behavior

# Description

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1. Trigger a WebAuthn prompt in Safari on iOS 14.5.
2. Wear a mask or otherwise have Touch ID fail.

Expected behaviour:

- Face ID falls back to passcode within a few seconds, especially when wearing a mask.
- The passcode fallback can be used to authenticate.

Observed behaviour:

- Face ID takes three long fallback cycles before allowing passcode auth.
- The passcode prompt is shown, but entering the correct passcode returns to WebAuthn the prompt as if no passcode was entered.

This behaviour is consistent across sites and browsers.


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