AirTags should be shareable

Number:rdar://FB9098024 Date Originated:2021/05/06 2:05 AM
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AirTags should be shareable. For example, I register an AirTag to my Apple ID, I should be able to grant permission to my wife's Apple ID to see it. This is such an obvious feature it should have been in 1.0, and I'm sure you're getting tonnes of dups for this so I won't go into much detail.

Some use cases would be:
• our single car: a tag would let either of us find the car in a packed parking lot regardless of who took the car. As it is now, I can find it, but my wife would have to call me to and ask me to help her find it.
• our dogs: if I put a tag on their collars, I want either of us to be able to locate them.


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