In BookmarksEditor bookmarks without a favicon falsely inherit icon of neighboring bookmark
Number:rdar://FB9188365 Date Originated:2021-06-17
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:Safari Product Version:14.1
Classification:Incorrect Behavior Reproducible:Always
Meanwhile most web pages have a favicon defined, but some don't.
Hence, if you create bookmarks, a bookmark either has a particular icon, or else falls back to the generic icon.

In Safari 14.1 on macOS 11.3.1:
+ In the sidebar and main menu this is rendered accordingly, specific or generic icon.
- But in the Bookmark Editor bookmarks without a favicon falsely inherit the icon of the nearest previous bookmark with an icon, and if there's none, because the are the first in the list, or all the other before them also lack an icon, then they falsely get the a folder icon, as their parent folder is the nearest previous element in the object hierarchy I assume. This is always reproducible.
- Additionally there is also a very rare bug where in addition to these false behevior, thee false icons in question also flickr, from the false icon they have to the generic folder icon.

On Safari on iOS 14:
+ By design in the bookmark sheet window by design all bookmarks and folders only use generic icons.
When creating a new tab and browsing the "Favorites" section:
+ Bookmarks without a favicon show generic.
~ Those which have a favicon either show it (i.e. and ) or show at least the brand color and the first letter of the title capitalized but strangely not the icon (which they do on Safari Mac), i.e. ( and

See annotated screenshots and the video which shows the faulty behavior, also when resorting bookmarks, how the inheritance then works.


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