Suggestion for _FXShowPosixPathInTitle to use head truncation instead of tail truncation

Number:rdar://FB9203433 Date Originated:23/6/2021
Status:Open Resolved:No
Product:macOS Finder Product Version:11.5b1
Classification:Suggestion Reproducible:
Hi I use the following command:
defaults write _FXShowPosixPathInTitle -bool YES;

To display the full path of the folder in the Finder window title. When a long path is shown it is displayed using tail truncation, it would be more useful to me if it used head truncation so I can view the immediate parent folders instead of the root parent folders.

For example instead of the window showing this title:

I would rather see:
…/Finance/Banking/Bank of America

I do understand I can mouse over to expand the title to show the full path (by the way it appears grey in beta 1 but perhaps is an issue with my VMWare Fusion) but I think it would be an improvement if I could see the immediate parent folders at a glance. Hope you consider my suggestion for the new macOS Monterey, thanks for reading and have a great day!


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