SwiftUI AsyncImage does not resume/recover when coming back on screen in a List

Number:rdar://FB9210194 Date Originated:25 June 2021
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:SwiftUI Framework Product Version:Xcode 13/iOS 15 beta 2
Classification:SwiftUI Reproducible:Yes
Please describe the issue and what steps we can take to reproduce it:
When using SwiftUI's new AsyncImage component in a List containing more cells than can display on screen, it does not display its image when scrolling to cells that were initially off-screen (each image is unique). Its phase's error immediately returns 'cancelled' without attempting to fetch and display the image. When attempting to scroll back up to cells that were initially rendered, the images in those cells are gone, and those image's phases are also 'cancelled'.

The above behaviour does not happen when using AsyncImage in a VStack or HStack (I presume nothing gets recycled in those views.)

Expected behaviour:
AsyncImage to fetch and display images when scrolling through a list.

Actual behavior:
AsyncImage cancels image requests and does not recover.

Last tested on Xcode 13 beta 2 / iOS 15 beta 2.


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