“Connect to Server” accepts FTPS URLs but actually connects via plain FTP w/o telling the user!

Number:rdar://FB9224153 Date Originated:2021-06-30
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:Finder Product Version:macOS 11.4 Big Sur
Classification:Unexpected / Security Reproducible:Yes
## Reproduction
 - macOS 11.4 Big Sur
 - Finder > Main Menu > Go > Connect to server… (⌘-K)
 - Field allows ftps:// scheme. That is FTP in a SSL/TLS tunnel.
See screenshot: Finder Connect To Server FTPS.png
- Click "Connect"

## Expected
- Finder really connects via FTPS

## Actual
- Even though you as the user explicitly requested FTPS, Finder actually falls back to FTP silently!
- That is quite a horrible user experience in regards to https://apple.com/privacy/
- I checked this via Wireshark.org !
See screenshot: FTPS address input in Finder is actually handled as plain FTP without telling the user.png

## Apple documentation / feedback
 - macOS 11 documentation on [Network address formats and protocols on Mac](https://support.apple.com/guide/mac-help/network-address-formats-and-protocols-on-mac-mchlp1654/11.0/mac/11.0) just says:
  > From the Finder, you can connect to FTP servers only with read-only access. To copy files to an FTP server, use an FTP app.
 - So the documentation is correct. Promises nothing about FTPS nor mentions it anyhow.
 - But Finder accepts FTPS input and transforms it to FTP without any warning!

## Proposals
1. Finder warns "You requested a secure connection (FTPS), but Finder supports only unencrypted FTP!"
[ Cancel ] [Use unsafe FTP]
2. The documentation explicitly mentions that FTPS (FTP in a SSL/TLS tunnel) and SFTP (FTP in a SSH) tunnel are not supported by Finder, and that you need 3rd party software for this.


Added this as a Q & A (with screenshots) at to warn other users too

Beware: macOS Finder “Connect to Server” accepts FTPS URLs (FTP in a SSL/TLS tunnel) but actually connects via plain FTP! https://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/423367

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