Subclass of NSSecureTextCell is sent unrecognized selector on beta 2

Number:rdar://FB9231836 Date Originated:01/07/2021
Status:Dupe Resolved:
Product:macOS Product Version:macOS 12 beta2
Classification: Reproducible:Yes
Our app uses subclasses of NSTextField and the related NSTextFieldCell and NSSecureTextFieldCell. We do this simply to have a customized appearance and do not change any of the underlaying mechanics of the classes.

Starting with beta 2 of macOS 12: Manta Ray our NSSecureTextFieldCell is causing a crash when it is unexpectedly receiving a _shouldSuppressIndicators message from AppKit when the insertion point is set. This crashes the entire app that our text field is in. In production this means that the SecurityAgent crashes and the user can no longer log into the Mac. In testing our UI runner also will see this problem and the test rig will crash.

_shouldSuppressIndicators is a private AppKit message being sent to our text field. We have no control over it.

Regression testing:
This issue does not occur on releases of macOS earlier than beta 2.
The issue does not occur with the stock NSSecureTextField.


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