Apple Music resumes app state on restart (like almost all other apps!)
Number:rdar://FB9233193 Date Originated:2021-01-07
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:Apple Music Product Version:macOS 11.4 Big Sur
Classification:Suggestion Reproducible:
Apple Music gets resume feature
- like most native + 3rd party apps since macOS 10.7 Lion
- regardless whether due to app (re)start or due to system restart with [√] "Reopen windows when logging back in"

When Apple Music restarts it restores the state of…
1) Current song + its playback position
2) Shuffle mode + Repeat mode
3) Selection in Sidebar
4a) Search input in Sidebar
4b) Controls in content area, i.e. Column browser and selection state (single or multi) per column: Genres, Artists, Albums
4c) Filter input

5) Scroll position in playlist / result-list
You do that just fine in Safari tabs, so should work in Apple Music too

User motivation:
- When opening Apple Music, I'd like to continue just where I left off.
- Starting afresh or somewhere else is easy, just change selection, filter, search.
- But restoring the previous state is more effort.
- So usability-wise it's wise to do how everywhere else on macOS!

Would be great!


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