Copy shortcut don't work second time after paste to other app while using split mode and magic keyboard

Number:rdar://FB9448381 Date Originated:2021-08-03
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:iOS/iPadOS Product Version:12.5
Classification:Unexpected Behavior Reproducible:YES
Shortcuts (Copy (cmd+c), select all (cmd+a)) in split mode using magic keyboard don't work second time after paste in other app.

- iPad with connected bluetooth magic keyboard.
- Opened two apps with text editing in split mode (Safari + Notes)

Steps to reproduce:
1. Select word in Safari App (it need to be non-editable text)
2. Copy it with keyboard shortcut Cmd+C
3. Put cursor in note in the Notes App
4. Paste copied text with Cmd+V
5. Select another word in Safari App 
6. Copy it with keyboard shortcut Cmd+C
7. Past it in Notes App

Expected result: another word will be pasted in reminder
Actual result: copy shortcut not work and the previous word was pasted


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