Rosetta 2 error: incorrect value for values reported by libproc

Number:rdar://FB9546856 Date Originated:2021-08-21
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:macOS Product Version:11.5.2 (20G95)
Classification:Incorrrect/Unexpected Behavior Reproducible:yes
Apologies for the chosen category. I tried searching for a category specific to XNU, Mach, Darwin, Rosetta, etc., but couldn’t find any.

`libproc.h` has a struct called `proc_taskinfo`, whose `pti_total_user` and `pti_total_system` fields report the amount of user and system CPU time a given process has consumed over its lifetime. Under Rosetta 2 on an M1 Mac Mini, these values are wrong, off by a factor of ~41.666x.

When running natively on x86_64 (tested on an Intel i5-5257U), `mach_timebase_info` returns `1/1`, thus the mach timebase units are equivalent to nanoseconds. The values of `pti_total_user` are correct (They match the CPU time reported by Activity

When running natively on arm64e (tested on an M1 Mac mini), `mach_timebase_info` returns `125/3`. Multiplying the values of `pti_total_user` by this constant (~41.666) yields a value that’s correct in nanoseconds (They also match the CPU time reported by Activity

However, under Rosetta 2 on the same M1 Mac Mini, there’s a mismatch:
  - `mach_timebase_info` returns a factor of `1/1`, just like on Intel
  - The values of `pti_total_user` are the same as native M1 execution, which are native mach tick units (each of which is 3/125th’s of a nanosecond)

Thus, if you take the value of `pti_total_user`, multiply it by the factor returned by `mach_timebase_info` (as the documentation prescribes, you get a time in nanoseconds which is ~41.666x *too small*.

Working around this requires that you:
1. add a special case to detect when running an M1 under Rosetta 2
2. ignore the result of `mach_timebase_info ` completely
3. multiply by the same 125/3 factor as if `mach_timebase_info` was run natively


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