PHImageManager.requestImage doesn't provide the proper size of images

Number:rdar://FB9645036 Date Originated:Sep 21, 2021
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:iOS Product Version:iOS 15.0
Classification:Photos Reproducible:Every time
- A clear description of the problem
We are trying to get a square image of a PHAsset with PHImageManager. The result image should be the center square of the image. We are using a method PHImageManager.requestImage(for:targetSize:contentMode:options:resultHandler:) , described in . However, it doesn't return the target size image in iOS 15, although it works fine in older OSs.  

- A step-by-step set of instructions to reproduce the problem (if possible)
1. prepare a PHAsset of non-square such as 4032x3024.
2. initialize options like
let options = PHImageRequestOptions()
options.resizeMode = .exact
options.deliveryMode = .highQualityFormat
options.isNetworkAccessAllowed = true
options.progressHandler = { (progress, _, _, _) in
3. request the image with PHImageManager like
            .requestImage(for: asset,
                          targetSize: CGSize(width: 1536, height: 1536),
                          contentMode: .aspectFill,
                          options: options,
                          resultHandler: { (image, info) in
                  // the size of image returned here is 2048.0 * 1536.0
4. the returned image is not square as mentioned in the previous step. 

- What results you expected
I'm expecting the size of the returned image is 1536 * 1536.

- What results you actually saw
the image is returned with the size of 2048.0 * 1536.0


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