Watch and watch extension are not being signed with DER entitlements

Number:rdar://FB9661051 Date Originated:September 28
Status:Closed Resolved:Closed
Product:Xcode Product Version:12.5.1 and 13.0
Classification:Incorrect behaviour Reproducible:Always
After the release of Watch OS 8 and iOS 15, we've had issues with our enterprise app not launching anymore on the watch.

After following the steps here and later the official documentation, we still experience that xcode does not sign the watch and watch extension properly, only the iOS app.

I have tried the following workarounds:
* Added '--preserve-metadata' and '--generate-entitlement-der' to 'Other code signing flags'
* manually signing

The former does not work, watch and extension are still not signed with DER entitlement.
The latter works but is rather inconvenient.

My setup:
Mac OS Big Sur - 11.4 (20F71)
Xcode 12.5.1 (Still reproducible with Xcode 13)
Watch running WatchOS8
iPhone running iOS15

------- Please list the steps you took to reproduce the issue -----------
1. Create small iOS project
2. Add watch and watch extension target
2b. optional step: add --preserve-metadata and --generate-entitlement-der to 'Other Code signing flags'
2. Archive
4. Inspect .ipa

--------- What did you expect to happen? ------------------
iOS app, watch app and extension appex having a -6, -7 in its signature and being able to launch app on watch

------------ What actually happened? ------------------
Only the iOS app has -6, -7 signatures.. watch and extension does not. App on watch does not launch.


Issue fixed

Issue seems to have been resolved with Xcode 13.1. There's no release note to confirm it though...

By osltrifork at Oct. 26, 2021, 10:59 a.m. (reply...)

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