Podcast in foreground causes 30% more CPU use of WindowServer

Number:rdar://FB9666121 Date Originated:2021-09-30
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:Podcasts Product Version:Version 1.1.0 (1575.1.2)
Classification:Application uses high CPU load Reproducible:Yes
WindowServer consumes ca. 5-10% CPU with Activity Monitor in foreground.
WindowServer consumes ca. 40% CPU  with Podcast in foreground.

What causes the WindowServer to run ca. +30% CPU with Podcast in foreground?
- Text Marquee effect on top of the window?
- Loudness/playback animation below the show that currently plays?

Anyways it seems too much that such minimal animation causes that high CPU.
- This should not stress the CPU much, but only the GPU.
- Please investigate. Thanks!


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