Network activity spinner persists when doing CORS with preflight ajax requests

Number:rdar://14125129 Date Originated:12-Jun-2013 04:23 PM
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Classification:UI Reproducible:Always

When doing a CORS AJAX request that does preflight the network activity spinner will show and never go away even navigating to other pages and refreshing the page. Closing the tab will stop it showing.

Steps to Reproduce:

Open this demo[1] on an iPhone running iOS6 and click the CORS button. I've also created a gif of the issue[2].


Expected Results:

The network activity spinner should show and then go away upon success.

Actual Results:

The spinner persists for the life of the tab and won't go away.



If there is no preflight in a CORS request then the spinner works as expected. This issue is still present in iOS7 beta.


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