Safari moves focus by tab key during composing text by input method.

Number:rdar://42991694 Date Originated:2018/8/7
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:Keyboards, mice and trackpads Product Version:Mojave + Safari 12.0 (14606.1.30)
Classification: Reproducible:Always
When tab key pressed on text box, focus always move to next element in spite of input method behavior. IMO, this is regression bug.

Steps to Reproduce:
 1. Open web page containing text fields (e.g.
 2. Enable input methods (e.g. Apple Japanese Input Method.)
 3. Type A, and 'あ' is inserted.
 4. Press tab.

Expected Results:
Focus moves to next element.

Actual Results:
Focus doesn't move.

 - Mojave + Safari 12.0 (14606.1.30)
 - High Sierra + Safari 12.0 (14606.1.30)
 - High Sierra + WebKit trunk(r234578)

Details: is related issue of webkit.


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