Allow updating the Xcode gutter via Source Editor Extensions

Number:rdar://26866950 Date Originated:17/06/2016
Status:closed Resolved:duplicate
Product:Developer Tools Product Version:8.0(8S128d)
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I'm the author of the Xcode Plugin Luft( I was excited to implement Luft using the new Xcode Source Editor Extensions, but unfortunately I found that the current API is a bit lacking. 

Luft updates the Xcode gutter's background color when the number of lines in the active buffer passes certain thresholds. In order to implement Luft using Source Editor Extensions it would need to be possible to modify the gutter's background color.

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Expected Results:
Source Editor Extensions can modify the gutter background color during invocation.

Actual Results:
Not supported



Xcode 8 Beta



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26866950 Allow updating the Xcode gutter via Source Editor Extensions

By Hugo.Tunius at June 30, 2016, 9:52 a.m. (reply...)

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