Once a user grants access to the camera, the app can use it without the user's consent

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Once a user grants an app access to your camera, it can
- access both the front and the back camera
- record you at any time the app is in the foreground
- take pictures and videos without telling you
- upload the pictures/videos it takes immediately
- run real-time face recognition to detect facial features or expressions

Without telling the user when doing so.

Full blog post available on https://krausefx.com/blog/ios-privacy-watchuser-access-both-iphone-cameras-any-time-your-app-is-running

Steps to Reproduce:
Build an app that requests camera access and then access the camera any time without telling the user, see sample project https://github.com/KrauseFx/watch.user for the most up to date code

Expected Results:
The user should have control over when the camera is recoding.

Some ways to fix this:
- Offer a way to grant temporary access to the camera (e.g. to take and share one picture with a friend on a messaging app), related to detect.location.
- Show an icon in the status bar that the camera is active, and force the status bar to be visible whenever an app accesses the camera
- Add an LED to the iPhone’s camera (both sides) that can’t be worked around by sandboxed apps, which is the elegant solution that the MacBook uses

Actual Results:
The app can record the user any time the app is in the foreground




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