HealthKit method deleteObjectsOfType ignores type and deletes all

Number:rdar://22977320 Date Originated:2015-10-05
Status:Duplicate/23097982 Resolved:false
Product:iOS SDK Product Version:9.0
Classification:Serious Bug Reproducible:Always
The HealthKit method deleteObjectsOfType should allow you to delete objects of a specific HKObjectType that match a predicate. At present, the type is ignored so if you try and delete all "flights climbed" data your app has written in the past 7 days, then it will also delete any other data in the past 7 days that your app has written.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Save a variety of HKSample data of differing HKObjectType to the Health app via the healthStore.saveObject
2. Try and delete a specific set of HKObjectType data from HealthKit via the healthStore.deleteObjectsOfType(type, predicate:, withCompletion:) method
3. Watch as all of the data you logged, regardless of type, is deleted

Expected Results:
It is expected that only objects of the type specified (that match the predicate) are deleted

Actual Results:
Any object from your app that matches the predicate is deleted rather than those that match both type and predicate

iOS 9.0.2

Example project demonstrating this issue attached. You'll need to run it and choose "Authenticate With HealthKit" to set up the necessary permissions and then "Save HealthKit data" to save data to the Health app. If you look, you'll see that only the "flights  climbed" data has been saved as the deleteObjectsOfType(type: flightsType, etc.) removed not only any existing "flights climbed" data but also the "step count" data that you logged a few lines before.

iOS 9 Simulator (iPhone 6)

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Duplicate of 23097982

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