Scrolling issue with WKWebViews, images when scrollView.clipsToBounds is false

Number:rdar://7347486 Date Originated:2019-10-04
Status:open Resolved:n/a
Product:iOS Product Version:iOS 13.2 (17B5059g)
Classification:open Reproducible:always
I am attaching a sample project that displays a WKWebView inside safe area insets. The clipsToBounds attribute of the web view‘s scrollView is set to false. The web view displays a simple HTML page with an image.

If I run this on my iPhone X device or in an iPhone 11 simulator, I see image display quirks when I scroll the image up to the notch area. Specifically, part of the image between the safe area top and the device top seems to briefly disappear and then reappear when scrolling.

I am also attaching video demonstrating the issue.

I am seeing this on the current iOS 13.2 (17B5059g) beta. I believe the issue is also present in iOS 13.1.2.


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