Preference Pane Programming Guide Inconsistency

Number:rdar://27017538 Date Originated:26.06.2016
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Product:Documentation Product Version:10.11
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The Preference Pane Programming Guide ( is inconsistent and wrong with regard to the fixed with of preference panes in the System Preferences window. 

The Preference Pane Programming Guide should state the correct fixed width of the System Preferences window, which is, at least in OS X 10.11, 762 pixels. 

The Preference Pane Programming Guide doesn't state the correct fixed width, but instead two wrong (legacy?) values. 

In the section "The Preference Application" ( it states: "[..] The System Preferences window has a fixed width (668 pixels) [..]". 

In the section "Creating a Preference Pane Bundle" ( it states: "[..] For System Preferences, the window should not be more than 595 pixels wide. [..]"


It all depends

.. on the localization: The system preferences will have a different width depending on the primary UI language.

By timschroedernet at July 12, 2016, 6:26 p.m. (reply...)

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