"Allow while using the app" location permission is reset on every (incl. security) WatchOS/iOS update - I would prefer this to only happen during major updates

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My weather app is asking for “Allow while using the app” location permission (so that it can keep the complications updated), and it seems that every WatchOS update resets this permission (so the user has to give the app the permission again).

My theory is that this is a mechanism to prevent rogue apps from tracking the user forever, but with a recent wave of minor *.*.1 security patches, the users are complaining about having to re-give the permissions too often, and think that my app is at fault.

I wonder if this mechanism could be modified to only reset permission during major (either iOS 14→ iOS 15, or iOS 14.0 → iOS 14.1) feature updates?
This would still serve the purpose (if there is one) of resetting the permission occasionally, but wouldn’t be too annoying.

Thank you for consideration. Tomas


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