Static libraries using modules cause warnings ("Could not resolve external type", "*.pcm: No such file or directory")

Number:rdar://22978324 Date Originated:05-Oct-2015
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Product:Developer Tools (Xcode) Product Version:7.0.1
Classification:Other Bug Reproducible:Always
Static libraries built using modules (e.g. "@import StoreKit"), even with CLANG_ENABLE_MODULE_DEBUGGING set to false, cause warnings when used on another developer's computer. This issue is described on this apple forum thread:

These are the types of warnings caused:

while processing /Users/monroe/dev/ios-example-app/libStaticLibraryTest.a(StaticLibraryTest.o):
warning: /Users/Max/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/ModuleCache/1FI596T6DYYKL/AdSupport-N94D31PLFESQ.pcm: No such file or directory
while processing /Users/monroe/dev/ios-example-app/libStaticLibraryTest.a(StaticLibraryTest.o):
warning: /Users/Max/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/ModuleCache/1FI596T6DYYKL/AdSupport-N94D31PLFESQ.pcm: No object file for requested architecture

(null): warning: Could not resolve external type c:objc(cs)NSPredicate

Steps to Reproduce:
Option a): Build a static library from the attached "StaticLibraryTest" project and skip to step 4.

Option b): Follow the steps below to reproduce from scratch:

1. Create a new Xcode project using the Cocoa Touch Static Library framework
2. Use a module in the project (I @imported StoreKit and used it in a method)
3. Follow the instructions here on creating a universal binary (one with i386 and ARM code) This consists of:
    3.1. Set "Build Active Architecture Only" to NO
    3.2. Set the public headers directory to "Headers"
    3.3. Add new Run Script Build Phase. Paste in this script:

4. Set current scheme to "Release" and build the project. The built library is attached as ""
5. From a different computer (I could not reproduce on my own computer), create a new project and copy the universal library and header files in from the Derived Data folder.
6. Import that library and reference it

Expected Results:
The new project builds without warnings

Actual Results:
The project has a huge number of warnings related to .pcm files, or not being able to "resolve external type"s.

Xcode 7.0.1

Many developers are reporting this problem here:


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Followup message:

If you then disable modules, and replace any @imports with #import <framework>, then the warnings disappear. Attached is the static library built without modules.

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