Automatic installation of a specific version of Xcode

Number:rdar://40669425 Date Originated:May 30 2018
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Every iOS team goes through a migration period when upgrading Xcode and/or Swift. This requires the team to use different versions of Xcode, depending on which branch they're working on. 

Web developers already found great solutions for this problem, by locking the exact version of the used toolings in lock files (e.g. Gemfile.lock), however there hasn't been any movement from Apple's side.

We need a way to specifcy an exact version of Xcode for each project & branch, in a human-readable file. I propose an official [.xcode-version file]( that should be included in every iOS project. This will allow **any** CI system to automatically install and use the right version of Xcode.

What we need from Apple to make this easier:
- A way to install a specific version of Xcode using the command line
- A way to install Xcode without requiring `sudo` permission

Currently we have to build & maintain our own third party tooling to reach our goals (e.g.

More information about all of this is available on [](


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