"Report a problem" redirects the customer to the developer if "App fails to install or won't download"

Number:rdar://47311404 Date Originated:January 16, 2019
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:iOS + SDK, App Store Product Version:
Classification:Suggestion Reproducible:
On reportaproblem.apple.com, if the customer selects the option "App fails to install or won't download", the customer receives the suggestion to contact the app developer correctly:

"If you’re having issues with this app, please contact the app’s developer directly, they may have more specific troubleshooting steps for their app. Click on the App Site button to open the developer's support page."

(see attached screenshot: https://cdn.pbrd.co/images/HWH3eZB.png)

However, if the app fails to install or won't download, this is an App Store issue, not a developer issue. There is nothing that we can do as developers, and the Apple support should handle these cases, not put the onus (and the support load) on the developer.


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