Distribute 3rd party input methods via Mac AppStore

Number:rdar://39297503 Date Originated:2018/4/10
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Product:Mac App Store Product Version:
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3rd party input methods should be distributed outside of MacAppStore.

Because this is insecure and introduce inconsistent of user experience, add feature to distribute input methods via MacAppStore.


Retranslation of this bug report.

横から大変失礼しますが、rdar://39297503 の英語はあのまま書くと効けません(むしろ逆効果の恐れ)。私が書き直しました。(実は radar で日本語の原文も一緒に書き込んだとしても構いません。)

At this moment, 3rd-party input methods are not accepted by Mac App Store.

This brings huge inconveniences to both developers and users, plus that 3rd-party software distribution approaches are not as safe as Mac App Store. Therefore, we strongly suggest you Apple to allow input methods to be submitted and approved by Mac App Store.

By shikisuen at Feb. 15, 2022, 6 a.m. (reply...)

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