Allow Source Editor Extensions to run on source change

Number:rdar://27148934 Date Originated:02/07/2016
Status:closed Resolved:duplicate(26781374)
Product:Developer Tools Product Version:8.0(8S128d)
Classification:Feature(new) Reproducible:Not applicable
I'm the author of the Xcode Plugin Luft( I was excited to implement Luft using the new Xcode Source Editor Extensions, but unfortunately I found that the current API is lacking the ability to monitor a source file for changes.

For Luft to work it needs to know and have my extensions notified anytime a line is added or removed in the document.

Steps to Reproduce:

Expected Results:
Xcode Source Extensions can be invoked when ever a line is added or removed in the active document.

Actual Results:
Not supported



Xcode 8 Beta



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