getaudit_addr syscall has a bug

Number:rdar://37462311 Date Originated:2/12/2018
Status:open Resolved:
Product:mac osx Product Version:10.9 - 13.3.3
Classification: Reproducible:yes
getaudit_addr syscall does not return correct ai_mask field. It always returns masks set to zero even if with proper privileges 

function getaudit_addr_internal is called by getaudit_addr.

Statement 'bcopy(scred->cr_audit.as_aia_p, &aia, sizeof (auditinfo_addr_t)); ' simply copies the stored session specific 'auditinfo_addr_t' and returns.
 But  'ai_mask ' field of 'scred->cr_audit.as_aia_p' does not store the mask. mask is stored in the 'as_mask' field of 'struct au_session'. Getting the mask using auditon system call has no such problem.
static int
getaudit_addr_internal(proc_t p, user_addr_t user_addr, size_t length)
	kauth_cred_t scred;
	auditinfo_addr_t aia;

	scred = kauth_cred_proc_ref(p);

	bcopy(scred->cr_audit.as_aia_p, &aia, sizeof (auditinfo_addr_t)); 
	 * Only superuser gets to see the real mask.
	if (suser(scred, &p->p_acflag)) {
		aia.ai_mask.am_success = ~0;
		aia.ai_mask.am_failure = ~0;

	return (copyout(&aia, user_addr, min(sizeof(aia), length)));

Because of this bug sudo utility is not able to generate ACE_sudo event. Because sudo utility is using getaudit_addr syscall to check the stored mask.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Set non-zero au_mask using setaudit_addr with proper privileges.
2. get au_mask using getaudit_addr with proper privileges.

Expected Results:
Should get back the mask stored.

Actual Results:
returns au_mask set to zero 

osx-10.9 to osx-10.13.3


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