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rdar://FB9986408 Open tempelmann macOS Archive Utility on macOS Monterey fails to uncompress some zip files that previous macOS versions handled well
rdar://FB9964402 Open anton Quick Look Framework Quick Look Preview Extension -viewWill/DidDisappear not called when expected
rdar://FB9865600 Open jhawk macOS Migration Assistant prefers Peer-to-Peer over Thunderbolt
rdar://FB9864933 Open jhawk macOS Migration Assistant does not reject Share Disk thunderbolt connections.
rdar://FB9864910 Open jhawk macOS Migration Assistant does not support Share Disk thunderbolt connections
rdar://FB9755282 Open indiekiduk macOS Finder Spotlight comment not updating in Finder when 2 Macs are connected to same network share
rdar://FB9738355 Open mark macOS/‌Something else not on this list [Chrome] Sandbox profiles referring to /System/Volumes/Data are broken
rdar://FB9703748 Open jonathan.hume SwiftUI Framework switftUI's focusedValue is not being set on return of focus to an app's Windows
rdar://FB9292131 Open mark macOS/‌Something else not on this list In a base OS installation, some keyboard shortcuts are enabled with no corresponding keystroke assigned
rdar://FB9224153 Open Finder “Connect to Server” accepts FTPS URLs but actually connects via plain FTP w/o telling the user!
rdar://FB9224153 Open Finder “Connect to Server” accepts FTPS URLs but actually connects via plain FTP w/o telling the user!
rdar://FB9224153 Open Finder “Connect to Server” accepts FTPS URLs but actually connects via plain FTP w/o telling the user!
rdar://FB9224153 Open quangthong1011 Finder THONG NGO
rdar://FB9224153 Open Finder Finder Connect to Server accepts FTPS URLs but actually connects via plain FTP without telling the user!
rdar://FB9203433 Open indiekiduk macOS Finder Suggestion for _FXShowPosixPathInTitle to use head truncation instead of tail truncation
rdar://FB9185232 Open developer.computers MacOS App Sandbox does not allow access to /dev/
rdar://FB9121008 Open chucker23n macOS "The application <…> is not open anymore." is confusing and not actionable
rdar://FB9121008 Open chucker23n macOS "The application <…> is not open anymore." is confusing and not actionable
rdar://FB9092463 Open indiekiduk Mail Mail creates duplicate files when re-opening the same attachment
rdar://FB8988319 Open tmoschou Security Framework MacOS security framework fails to import RFC 7292 compliant PKCS #12 v1.1 file into keychain using modern cyphers
rdar://FB8957502 Open tempelmann macOS NSURL incorrectly handles file paths with precomposed chars from NFS and SMB volumes
rdar://FB8877570 open stevewindsurfing macOS Changing a NSSplitViewItem's NSTitlebarSeparatorStyle does not update immediately
rdar://FB7744520 Open jediknil Xcode Cannot Duplicate files in the Project Navigator
rdar://FB7716702 Open msschmitt macOS Can't use Spotlight to open alias to a file on an encrypted volume
rdar://FB7716688 Open msschmitt macOS Can't create alias on APFS to file on a disk image
rdar://FB7696565 Open msschmitt macOS Can't remove Network from Finder Sidebar
rdar://FB7692850 Open leopic Xcode Accessibility Inspector: Provide a scripting dictionary or CLI
rdar://FB7683147 Open justcheesy macOS/Dock Launchpad icons can get permanantly stuck on the screen
rdar://FB7638538 Open jediknil Dock Quitting an app from the Cmd-Tab switcher changes the selection
rdar://FB7578290 Open jediknil Xcode Opening a locked workspace pesters me about it being locked every few seconds
rdar://FB7547118 Open greg macOS Desktop shows a different set of documents than Finder.
rdar://FB10035613 Open anton iCloud Files in shared folders in iCloud Drive are reverted after save when edited by NSDocument based apps
rdar://FB10027879 Open bradtchapman macOS Foundation, AppKit: Failed to read draft status extended attribute for document at [...]. Operation not permitted.
rdar://FB10025497 Open Calendar Opening ICS file from Finder or Mail fails but using Menu > File > Import works
rdar://9971373 Open guillaume.campagna Mac OS X .txt files "kind" is "NSStringPboardType"
rdar://9935732 Open samdeane Mac OS X Sandboxing enhancement - examining an application's context
rdar://9922401 Duplicate/9479429 alanhogan Mac OS X Cannot drag files or folders into open dialogs
rdar://9907291855 Open tempelmann macOS, Foundation Conversion from NSURL to a classic HFS path is incorrect when POSIX path contains a legal ":" character
rdar://9890588 Duplicate/9664283 csilv Mac OS X Drag is not released on Lion 4-finger swipe
rdar://9875598 Open adurdin Mac OS X System Preferences window does not activate
rdar://9820645 Open davemccabe Mac OS X Finder List View Collapse/Expand Animations Genuinely Slow Navigation
rdar://9818382 Open m Mac OS X Lion Finder actions (copy, backup, delete) UI split into multiple windows
rdar://9800579 Closed mike Mac OS X Items in the trash can be opened if put in the Dock
rdar://9800236 Open Airpowersurge Mac OS X Finder icon preview should be smart about text files
rdar://9743774 Duplicate of 7452760 (Closed) m.hanauska Developer Tools No way to drag current file in editor to another application
rdar://9743454 Open futuretap Developer Tools Install on device from archive command missing
rdar://9718181 Open guillaume.campagna Mac OS X Quick look don't render .webarchive properly
rdar://9650258 Open tyler iTunes BUG: iTunes 10.5 / Lion DP4 can't retrieve data via AppleScript
rdar://9634001 Open wjlafrance Mac OS X Warning for Secure Empty Trash misleads that trash can normally be recovered
rdar://9514477 Open joncrooke Developer Tools Keyboard shortcuts conflict/don't override those of Finder
rdar://9482613 Open wjlafrance Mac OS X RealVNC client can not log in to Lion VNC
rdar://9457968 Closed tim1724 macOS Quick Look windows don't blur background while being resized
rdar://9406282 Open jalkut Finder Finder scripting selection may refer to bogus value not correlated with UI
rdar://9312669 Duplicate/8977983 pcgoracke Xcode Add ability to import Fonts & Colors themes within Xcode
rdar://9309825 Open timburks Xcode 4 Xcode 4 "Validate" step fails to catch code signing problems
rdar://9262177 Open iracooke Mac OSX Can't create files with a leading ".." on drives mounted via Time Capsule
rdar://9262155 Duplicate/9062261 vyncebox Mac OS X Autofs mounts are unwritable in Finder following the 10.6.7 update
rdar://9160099 Duplicate/8729952 brunerd OS X Finder: Inherited ACL Duplication
rdar://9063693 Open quinntaylor Finder ER: Add contextual menu to show/hide columns on right-click in list view table header
rdar://9028329 Dupe of 2174970 quinntaylor NSCell Add public API for vertically centering text in NSCell
rdar://8995122 Open david Pro Apps (Aperture) Aperture Import Window Shows No Images
rdar://8987881 Duplicate/3523661 debajit1 Mac OS X Archive Utility fails to open encrypted zip files
rdar://8935320 Duplicate/8611016 lucius.kwok Developer Tools Installer installs apps over Xcode's Build and Archive copy
rdar://8935310 Open lucius.kwok Mac OS X Spotlight does not find archived apps
rdar://8898859 Open roofio Mac OS X Files beginning with two periods are visible in the Finder
rdar://8806385 open daniel Mac OS X /bin/chmod: Setting/Removing of ACL-Directives on Symbolic Links Unsuppoerted
rdar://8783237 Duplicate/7093095 shazron Mac OS X Burn Disc feature does not show capacity needed on disk
rdar://8615441 Open farcaller OSX AFP permissions are processed wrong by Finder and Foundation, ok at shell
rdar://8614331 Third Party to Resolve j.a.grigutis Mac OS X Cannot upload to SharePoint 2010 WebDAV shares
rdar://8613595 Open pierre.bernard Mac OS X Spotlight query fails when kMDItemFSLabel is used along with other criteria
rdar://8600732 Open quinntaylor Documentation (developer) Clarify deprecation of CFBundleGetInfoString Info.plist key
rdar://8579063 Open paulschreiber Mac OS X Aperture: Face detection makes machine unresponsive, drains battery
rdar://8553420 Open morgan.aldridge Mac OS X Snow Leopard Snow Leopard managed user w/mobile home not allowed to run allowed application
rdar://8505850 Behaves correctly (Closed) andre.bergmedia Mac OS X Automator Automator Shell Script Action Does Not Support Unicode Paths
rdar://8478652 Duplicate/7306449 jost.migenda Mac OS X 'Open With' submenu in Finder displays duplicate items
rdar://8396806 Closed paulschreiber Mac OS X 10F569: backupd stuck in loop trying to free space unnecessarily
rdar://8333736 Duplicate/7102315 jason.richard.mcneil Mac OS X Able to interact with desktop & other windows behind screensaver unlock screen.
rdar://8305752 Open lwdupont Mac OS X Multi-page tif file appears squished
rdar://8237717 Closed wiml webdavfs does not correctly interpret 207 Multistatus response
rdar://8179031 Open jlieske Mac OS X Autoresizes Subviews setting changes randomly when loading NIB
rdar://8150379 Duplicate/8066381 futuretap Mac OS X iChat: Spotlight search term is wrong
rdar://8147163 Open smokris OS X NSFontPanel should highlight fonts using Finder color labels
rdar://8114674 Open broccardo Mac OS X Kerberos Tickets Are Destroyed on Share Ejection
rdar://8042475 Open wgmeyer Mac OS X Portable Home Directory Syncing 10.6.3 Active Directory Error
rdar://7934450 Closed xfox Other Backup 3.2 events logs should always report the copied files name and extension
rdar://7926922 Open signwave Quartz Composer Quartz Composer Virtual Macros aren't very usable/Alias Macros feature request
rdar://7913038 Duplicate/5284753 mark Developer Tools Xcode does not rebuild files when their dependencies (like headers) are deleted
rdar://7899235 Open broccardo Mac OS X Finder fails to write to SMB share yet Terminal successfully performs action
rdar://7890380 Duplicate/6894550 j.a.grigutis Mac OS X Cannot connect to (or ping) other machines on the local AirPort network.
rdar://7772950 Open arthurp Mac OS Finder refuses to drop items in "drop boxes" that live in OpenAFS
rdar://7754301 open shadow MacOS X Finder comingles vnode create permissions with delete permissions
rdar://7751157 Open stuart.morgan Mac OS X kMDItemDisplayName is ignored for custom importer types
rdar://7742791 Duplicate/7214781 ahknight Mac OS X Bring back Creator Code handling!
rdar://7731838 Open kohlmannj Mac OS X Spotlight fails to generate results while other Spotlight searches execute
rdar://7719410 Open samdeane Finder No services menu when right-clicking on a Finder window
rdar://7682189 Open dylan OS X MacBook Closed Lid Sleep Resume Issues
rdar://7661967 Closed lowell Finder Sidebar doesn't use aliases as expected.
rdar://7607982 Open quinntaylor File Manager IDISK: Other users' iDisk sync shows up on desktop when multiple users logged in
rdar://7582817 Open todd.ditchendorf Mac OS X AMWorkflowView doesn't correctly accept drag destination events
rdar://7543009 Duplicate/6955835 neoneye Mac OS X Icons Missing in Finder

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