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rdar://9944011 Closed cedric.luthi iOS SDK NSDateFormatter doesn't parse some timezones
rdar://9888640 Duplicate/9053792 adubrovsky iPad SDK Memory leaks when calling -[EKEvent endDate] in iOS 4.3
rdar://9774877 Open ben.challenor iPhone SDK NSDateFormatter stringFromDate: does not obey user's 12/24 pref
rdar://9512398 Open ajpike Developer Tools NSDateFormatter does not support ISO8601
rdar://9080156 Open amorya Documentation NSDateFormatter documentation does not explain exceptions to dateFormat
rdar://8988715 Open amorya iPhone SDK NSDateFormatter honours user's 12/24 hour setting even when overridden in code
rdar://8420218 Behaves correctly valexa iPad "24-hour time" setting applies to NSDateFormatter
rdar://8204225 Closed cgodefroy iOS ImageIO iPhone doesn't handle IPTCDictionary on write
rdar://8111096 Open saibengottlieb iPhone -[NSDateFormatter dateFromString:] is now finicky about extra string content
rdar://6468204 Closed jehiah iPhone SDK NSDateFormatter outputs incorrect year for format YYYY for some dates
rdar://37187902 Open steipete Documentation Documentation for NSDateFormatter timeZone is misleading
rdar://37152952 Open douglashill Documentation Fixed format date sample code is confusing due to redundancy
rdar://37152907 Open douglashill Documentation Documentation for NSDateFormatter timeZone is misleading
rdar://35992346 Closed jkirsakmens iOS SDK Date, Number formatters on iOS11 does not deliver promised date/currency formats according to user defined Regional settings in
rdar://30536049 open brian.king iOS + SDK No clearly documented method of determining if 24h time is enabled
rdar://30448374 Open futuretap iOS + SDK Make NSDateFormatter's relative date formatting actually useful
rdar://26886075 Open keithbsmiley Developer Tools NSDateFormatter autocomplete token mispelling
rdar://26354907 Duplicate of 17803182 igor.palaguta iOS SDK NSDateComponentsFormatter can return more than one component even if maximumUnitCount == 1
rdar://25290370 Open eli.j.perkins Developer Tools Add launch arguments for setting timezone
rdar://24639743 Open jeff iOS NSDateIntervalFormatter does not use 24hr time preference
rdar://23630349 Open michele.titolo Developer Tools Quick help documentation in Swift shows different availability than Objective-C
rdar://21115452 Open jalkut Documentation Please add caveats to NSDateFormatter documentation about setting a locale for fixed formats
rdar://21105874 Open jalkut OS X Mac NSDateFormatter behavior change with respect to 24-hour time formats
rdar://19599861 Open rix.rob Documentation NSNumberFormatter thread safety notes refer to NSDateFormatter
rdar://19357784 Open brent OS X SDK NSDateFormatter should warn about YYYY use
rdar://18406578 Open wadetregaskis OS X NSDateFormatter parses some dates wrong - off by several seconds
rdar://18199442 open dave.evans55 OS X NSDateFormatter fails to convert string to date when string is a date 24 hours after a winter to summer timezone transition
rdar://17326620 Closed nicolas.bouilleaud iOS SDK NSDateFormatter w/ relative date formatting shouldn't capitalize "Today"
rdar://17316238 Open fabienpenso Developer Tools Xcode6 crash with Swift code
rdar://17312149 Open rcdilorenzo iOS SDK Swift Compile Error when Casting in certain scenario
rdar://16212028 Open mikeg iOS SDK -[NSDateFormatter dateFromString:] does not work in 24hr time
rdar://15404478 Closed felipekellermann Developer Tools Add support for 12-hour / 24-hour style in Simulator (or get it from OS X)
rdar://14812657 Open simon iPhone/iPod touch NSDateFormatter gives unexpected results with region format set to "United Kingdom" when 24-hour mode is off
rdar://14344831 Open cedric.luthi iOS SDK NSByteCountFormatter should have a NSLocale property
rdar://13992983 Duplicate of 9880561 (Open) an00na iOS The display format of 12:00 AM is not proper in Chinese
rdar://13386320 Open tekjew iOS UIDatePicker doesn't follow NSLocale for YYYY-MM-dd
rdar://13030672 Open mledford Mac OS X 10.8.2: NSDateFormatter returns incorrect object with -setTwoDigitStartDate set
rdar://13024643 Duplicate/#11357077 drodrigueztroitino Mac OS X NSDateFormatter fails for some input strings
rdar://12761015 Duplicate/11357077 aburgel iPhone SDK NSDateFormatter fails to parse '9995' milliseconds
rdar://12449693 Open kristopherdjohnson Documentation Bugs in "Your Second iOS App: Storyboards" tutorial
rdar://12385667 Open thelbane iOS Potential bug with NSDateFormatter in iOS6
rdar://12358210 Open dave.addey iOS SDK NSDateFormatter default behaviour has changed in iOS 6
rdar://12029137 Open bryanmontz iPhone SDK NSDateFormatter parse failure
rdar://11725328 Open sdfisher Developer Tools Better warning for smart quotes in C code
rdar://11264351 Open dhendrix Mac OS X SDK NSDateFormatter conversion off by 7 minutes 2 seconds for dates before Nov 18, 1883
rdar://11023565 Closed dan iPhone SDK NSDateFormatter for Julian Day Number calculates with the incorrect hour in GMT.
rdar://10783042 Closed heath.borders iPad SDK NSDateFormatter doesn't show abbreviation for
rdar://10182802 Closed Pich.Dominik MacOSX SDK NSDateFormatter::initWithDateFormat = fails but setDateFormat = works

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