Feature request: iCloud Corrupt Transaction Log Visibility

Number:rdar://10837238 Date Originated:feb 9 2012
Status:Open Resolved:
Product:OS X/iOS Product Version:10.8/iOS 6
Classification:Feature Request Reproducible:N/A
09-Feb-2012 12:10 PM Daniel Pasco:
We are frequently encountering situations in which iCloud's transaction logs become corrupted. When this happens, the iCloud stack becomes unresponsive, but there is no way for the application to detect this and inform the user.

Unfortunately, all that you can tell from a user's perspective is that syncing has stopped, and there's no way to tell if this is because the logs have gotten into an unrecoverable state, or if this is simply file propagation latency.

The only way to recover from corrupted transaction logs is for the user to delete their iCloud application data. If this is necessary it would be *highly* desirable to be able to detect this state in the application and inform the user that they need to wipe their application data.

Steps to Reproduce:
Induce conflict in iCloud core data records sufficient to cause a merge conflict and corruption.

Expected Results:
Notification from iCloud stack that the data has become unusable.

Actual Results:
Nothing happens




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