Documentation of CGrectGet(Max|Min)Y is confusing

Number:rdar://13518686 Date Originated:27-Mar-2013 03:56 PM
Status:Duplicate of 12567769 Resolved:29-Mar-2013 07:44 PM
Product:Documentation Product Version:updated 2010-07-01
Classification:Other Bug Reproducible:Always
Summary: Documentation for CGRectGetMaxY and CGRectGetMinY is misleading.

Steps to Reproduce:
Read the documentation for CGRectGetMaxY and CGRectGetMinY in the iOS Developer Library. The document I have is at and was last updated on 2010-07-01.

Expected Results:
The documentation for CGrectGetMinY should say:

>>> Returns the y-coordinate that establishes the top edge of a rectangle.

And the documentation for CGRectGetMaxY should say:

>>> Returns the y-coordinate that establishes the bottom edge of a rectangle.

Actual Results:

The definitions of the two functions are reversed.

This was probably copied from the OS X Developer Library, and because of the flipped coordinate system, it is correct there. However, since CGRects on iOS are almost exclusively used with UIKit and Core Animation, which have the origin at the upper left corner, the existing documentation is somewhere between misleading and wrong.

Maybe it would be best to change both doc sets to express the idea of the min and max y-coordinates in a less ambiguous way.


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