"Caching service unavailable" , then purged all data.

Number:rdar://28551032 Date Originated:29/09/16
Status:Closed Resolved:DUPLICATE OF 28549082
Product:Server.app Product Version:5.x
Classification:Data Loss Reproducible:Always
Caching server lost connection to Apple, then purged all data.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Have Caching service enabled before today & have content cached.
2. Receive alert: "Caching service unavailable" 
3. Check caching service, it will now be off.
4. Check caching service log & the data will be purged.

Expected Results:
Service becomes unavailable, but data remains in cache & service stays on.

Actual Results:
Caching service is off, data is purged.

Service should be unavailable, but data remains in cache & service is on.


Sep 29 19:49:46 AssetCache[216]: Request for establishment from https://lcdn-registration.apple.com/lcdn/session failed: HTTP response 400, body "SIGNATURE_VERIFICATION_FAILURE"
Sep 29 19:49:46 AssetCache[216]: Registration rejected.
Sep 29 19:52:02 AssetCache[216]: Removed all 247.93 GB in 14627 assets (including 99.14 GB in 13177 personal [icloud] assets) from the cache because registration failed
Sep 29 19:52:02 AssetCache[216]: Server is suspended pending successful registration. Will re-register in 3300 seconds.
Sep 29 19:52:02 AssetCache[216]: Property list invalid for format: 200 (property lists cannot contain NULL)
Sep 29 19:52:02 AssetCache[216]: Posted alert of type CachingRegistrationRejectedAlert, subject "Caching service unavailable", message "The Caching service is unable to register. Users may continue to download content from other Caching servers or directly from Apple."


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28551032 "Caching service unavailable" , then purged all data.

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