Xcode 9 source editor find/replace elements not tab navigable

Number:rdar://32829012 Date Originated:6/16/17
Status:Closed as Duplicate Resolved:
Product:Xcode Product Version:9b1(9M136h)
Classification: Reproducible:
Classification: Bug
Reproducible: Always

In the find/replace panel of the new source editor, if you start from the "Find" text field, you cannot tab through all elements. It gets stuck on the case sensitive toggle button, which seems like a bug.

I'd like to be able to navigate all the elements in the new source editor's find/replace panel, pressing spacebar to toggle the new case sensitive and regular expression modes, and reach the replace/all buttons.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Open any text file in Xcode 9, and make sure the new source editor has focus.
2. Open Find (⌘F) or Find/Replace (⌘⌥F)
3. Click the Find field to give it focus
4. Hit the Tab key twice

Expected Results:
Focus should traverse to the regular expression button. Subsequent presses of Tab should traverse Previous Match, Next Match, Done (and if Replace controls are visible, the Replace textfield and Replace and All buttons).

Observed Results:
Focus remains on the Case Sensitive search mode button, regardless of how many times Tab is pressed.


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