Certain generic types reliably crash Swift compiler

Number:rdar://17557409 Date Originated:03-Jul-2014 05:50 PM
Status: Resolved:
Product:Developer tools Product Version:Xcode 6 beta 2
Classification:Crash Reproducible:Always
When attempting to compile or interpret a Swift file with a function taking a certain generic type, the compiler will reliably crash.

Steps to Reproduce:
Attempt to compile or interpret the attached CrashMe.swift file.

Expected Results:
The file will compile or execute, or errors will be displayed as appropriate.

Actual Results:
The compiler reliably crashes. If the code is placed in an Xcode playground, Xcode crashes.

Xcode 6 beta 2, OS X 10.9.3


Xcode 6 beta 2, OS X 10.9.3, 17" Early 2011 MBP

'swift_2014-07-03-174719_alaska.crash', 'swift_2014-07-03-174722_alaska.crash' and 'CrashMe.swift' were successfully uploaded.


Beta 3

Still crashes.

By wjlafrance at July 8, 2014, 8:57 p.m. (reply...)

Complete contents of CrashMe.swift

protocol MyProtocol {
    func methodFromProtocol()

class MyClass {
    func methodFromClass() {
        println("hello class")

class MyClassImplementingMyProtocol : MyClass, MyProtocol {
    func methodFromProtocol() {
        println("hello protocol")

func doThing<T: MyClass where T: MyProtocol>(myThing: T) {

By wjlafrance at July 3, 2014, 10:51 p.m. (reply...)

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